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Exploring Livorno

View of the Fortezza Nuova, one of Livorno's two Medici fortressesView of the Fortezza Nuova, one of Livorno's two Medici fortressesThe city of Livorno and the surrounding area offer a wide range of places to see and things to do, both for those in search of history and culture and for those intent on more mundane pleasures, such as enjoying local food and nightlife or the lively music scene. Although many of Livorno's beautiful buildings were destroyed during and immediately after WWII, there is still a good choice  of interesting places to see: the Fortezza Vecchia, the Venezia district, several historic churches, and a delightful art gallery, are just a few of them.

Out of town, head south of Livorno for some pleasant seafront walks, the attractive districts of Ardenza and Antignano, and the hillside village of Montenero with spectacular views over the city. All are just a bus ride away.

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