A Gourmet Tour of Livorno

Start the Day with an Italian CoffeeStart the Day with an Italian CoffeeEat Your Way around Livorno!

If you are a lover of Italian food, or just food in general, you can easily spend a day or a weekend in Livorno making your way around a selection of the many cafés, bars, restaurants and market stalls sampling some of the local gourmet specialities.  After all, Italian life rotates around food, so you cannot leave without trying at least a few of the great things to eat and drink.

Keeping the Fish in the Cacciucco

Livorno’s signature dish

Cacciucco: Photo from Labronicus.Blogspot.comCacciucco: Photo from Labronicus.Blogspot.comThe most famous of Livornese dishes is undoubtedly Cacciucco (kah-CHOO-koh), a sturdy Mediterranean fish stew made, according to tradition, with five varieties of fish, one for every  ‘c’ in its name.

Livorno's Specialities: Cacciucco, Torta di Ceci and Ponce

Delicious Torta di Ceci, a Livornese specialityDelicious Torta di Ceci, a Livornese specialityNo visit to Livorno is complete without trying one of the city’s local specialities. Perhaps the most obvious of these, Livorno being a port with lots of fishing activity, is the fish stew known as “Cacciucco”. This rich dish with a tomato base contains five different kinds of fish and served in a soup dish on a thick slice of bread rubbed with garlic. These days the dish has become a symbol of Livorno. (To find out how to make your own Cacciucco, click here)

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