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Photo exhibition - A Ritroso - l'enfer c'est les autres

12 Oct 2014 18:30
15 Nov 2014 22:00

A Ritroso - photographic exhibition at the ex Teatro Lazzeri, 12 Oct - 15 Nov 2014A Ritroso - photographic exhibition at the ex Teatro Lazzeri, 12 Oct - 15 Nov 2014A collective exhibition of photography by four female artists, Susanna Bertoni, Claudine Caribotti, Wanda d'Onofrio, and Anna Signorini. At ART ex Teatro Lazzeri (Madame Sitrì), Via Buontalenti 28, Livorno. Inauguration Sunday 12th October at 6.30pm. Continues til 15th November.

Harborea 2014 - plants and gardens fair at Villa Mimbelli

10 Oct 2014 14:30
12 Oct 2014 19:30

Harborea 2014Harborea 2014Harborea 2014 - the annual event dedicated to plants and gardens - takes place at Villa Mimbelli, Livorno, from 10th-12th October 2014.

An exhibition and market of plants, flowers, herbs, garden furniture, and plenty more.

Organised by the Garden Club of Livorno, in collaboration with the Comune di Livorno

Friday 10th - 2.30 - 6.30pm
Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th - 9.30am - 6.30pm

Villa Mimbelli
Via San Jacopo in Acquaviva,

Live Music - Marlene Kuntz

4 Oct 2014 22:00

Marlene KuntzMarlene KuntzNorthern-Italian rock band Marlene Kuntz kick off a new season of live music at The Cage on Saturday 4th October 2014.

For further info:, tel. 3928857139
Marlene Kuntz website 

The Cage Theatre
Via del Vecchio Lazzaretto 20 (Villa Corridi)

Live Music - Piero Ciampi 80

28 Sep 2014 17:00

Piero Ciampi 80, Terrazza Mascagni, 28th September 2014Piero Ciampi 80, Terrazza Mascagni, 28th September 2014To celebrate what would have been Piero Ciampi's 80th birthday, the This is Radio Folk organisation in collaboration with Surfer Joe, presents an evening of music at Surfer Joe's on Terrazza Mascagni, on Sunday 28th September 2014. FREE ENTRANCE

Live Music - SIBERIA

27 Sep 2014 22:00

SiberiaSiberiaReturning from their gig in Milan last weekend, SIBERIA are back in Livorno to present their latest EP release (which will be available to purchase on the night) and latest video of their song "Cara Francesca".

Saturday 27th September 2014 at 10pm

Elvis Fan Club
Via Ajaccia 37/e
Near Livorno 

Concert - Roddy MacLeod & Italian Bagpipe Group

27 Sep 2014 21:30

Roddy McLeod, Istituto Mascagni, Livorno 27th September 2014: (here pictured at Blair Castle) Source: McLeod, Istituto Mascagni, Livorno 27th September 2014: (here pictured at Blair Castle) Source: Friday 26th to Sunday 28th September 2014 the Italian Bagpipe Group is holding its annual Big Gathering for bagpiping enthusiasts in Calambrone, between Livorno and Pisa, and on Saturday 27th will be coming to the Istituto Mascagni music school in Livorno to give a unique concert.

Exhibition - Akiko Chiba

26 Sep 2014 19:30
10 Oct 2014 23:00

Akiko Chiba exhibitionAkiko Chiba exhibitionAn exhibition of works by Florence-based Japanese artist Akiko Chiba at Madame Sitrì. Inauguration Friday 26th September 2014 at 7.30pm. The exhibition continues until 10th October 2014.

Organised by TST Art Gallery
For further information tel. 348.8014120 

European Mobility Week 2014 - Events in Livorno

16 Sep 2014 16:00
22 Sep 2014 23:00

European Mobility Week 2014 - LivornoEuropean Mobility Week 2014 - LivornoEuropean Mobility Week 2014, 16th-22nd September. "Our Streets, Our Choice" is the slogan driving this year's week of events dedicated to alternative and sustainable means of transport.

Highlights of the events going on in Livorno during the European Mobility Week:

Exhibition and Concert - Winfred Gaul

14 Sep 2014 21:00
6 Oct 2014 20:00

Winfred Gaul Exhibition at Galleria Peccolo, LivornoWinfred Gaul Exhibition at Galleria Peccolo, LivornoA concert and exhibition to open the new 2014-15 season at Galleria Peccolo - works by German artist Winfred Gaul, "Segni and Segnali Stradali", and "Au Fil du Souffle" improvisations from Jorge Migoya (clarinet), Guy-Frank Pellerin (soprano sax), Annabel de Courson (percussion).

Inauguration Sunday 14th September 2014 at 9pm

The exhibition will run until 6th October 2014. 

Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-1pm and 4-8pm.

Theatre - K

12 Sep 2014 21:30
14 Sep 2014 23:59

The 10th edition of SEMIfestival - a month-long event dedicated to theatre and dance - presents "K" by the mo-wan teatro theatre group and the Fondazione Goldoni.

The play is based on the work of Franz Kafka, focussing in particular on The Trial.  
12th and 14th September 2014 at 9.30pm and 13th September at 10.30pm (preceded at 9.30pm by "La Favola di un'altra Giovinezza" by Giordano V. Amato, presented by the Mutamento Zona Castalia theatre group).

with Flavia Adorini, Giorgio Arimondi, Giovanni Cadoni, David

Di Luca, Alessandra Donati, Silvia Magnani, Chiara Manna, 

Giacomo Masoni, Silvia Rosellini, Massimiliano Turrini

directed by Alessandro Brucioni

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