Going to Pisa by Train from Livorno

The Baptistry of Pisa, just one of the architectural wonders in Piazza dei Miracoli, PisaThe Baptistry of Pisa, just one of the architectural wonders in Piazza dei Miracoli, PisaIt is quick and easy to get from Livorno Centrale station to Pisa by train. The journey to Pisa only takes 15-20 minutes, trains are frequent, and it is cheap - only €2.50 each way per person on REGIONALE trains (fare correct as of DEC 2015). Children under 4 travel free, and up to the age of 11 get a 50% discount on these trains.

It is also possible to travel from Livorno to Pisa by bus. A direct service for cruise passengers runs from March to November. For more information, please follow this link.

Please see my article about travelling from Livorno to Florence for some general information about getting to Livorno Centrale railway station, buying train tickets, and not missing your cruise ship in the Port of Livorno!

Trains from Livorno to Pisa run at the following times (NB: trains are often bound for Florence - 'Firenze' in Italian - stopping in Pisa).

NB. DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR TICKET AT ONE OF THE MACHINES IN THE STATION BEFORE YOU TRAVEL. There is a fine of 100 Euros if you are found travelling without a validated ticket. Validate before each journey, there AND back.

The magnificent Palazzo della Carovana, Piazza dei Cavalieri, PisaThe magnificent Palazzo della Carovana, Piazza dei Cavalieri, PisaPlease check these times for your day of travel by consulting the Trenitalia website.

Dep. Livorno Centrale: 0810 (Sundays only), 0812 (not Sundays or holidays), 0829 (not Sundays or holidays), 0910, 0930, 1000, 1010 (not Sundays or holidays), 1110, 1210, 1231 (Sundays only), 1310, 1343, 1400, 1410, 1416, 1505, 1510(not Sundays or holidays), 1543, 1600, 1610, 1710, 1748(not Sundays or holidays), 1800, 1805 (Sundays only), 1810 (not Sundays or holidays), 1827, 1905 (not Sundays or holidays), 2000, 2006, 2035 (Sundays only), 2110(not Sundays or holidays), 2112 (Sundays only), 2200, 2258

And back to Livorno from Pisa Centrale:

Dep Pisa Centrale : 0809, 0832, 0837 (not Sundays or holidays), 0912 (Sundays only), 0932, 1032, 1050, 1132, 1145, 1232, 1302, 1332, 1345, 1412, 1432(not Sundays or holidays), 1502, 1519(not Sundays or holidays), 1532, 1545, 1608 (not Sundays or holidays), 1632, 1732, 1745, 1821(not Sundays or holidays), 1832, 1902, 1932, 1956, 2032, 2109, 2137 (not Sundays or holidays), 2209, 2227, 2232, 2238 (Sundays only), 2245 (not Sundays or holidays), 2327

I haven't included InterCity, FrecciaRossa or FrecciaBianca trains here, as you have to pay a supplement to use these trains and can be fined if found on board without having paid this. It's not worth the risk unless you really have no alternative (nb. the FrecciaRossa fare from Pisa to Livorno is 10.00 euros, compared to the 2.50 regular fare! If you really have to, you can pay this supplement at the ticket office).

Please always check train times locally (see above link) as I cannot be held responsible for changes to the above timetable.

For information about how to get from Pisa Centrale Station to the Leaning Tower, click here

When going to Pisa, allow plenty of time for your visit. Although Pisa is a small town, it still takes time to get from Pisa Centrale station to the Leaning Tower, whether by local bus or on foot. And you may find that you wish to spend more time than you thought in the town since it has many areas of interest besides the famous Piazza dei Miracoli and its Tower. In fact, going on your own means you can take time to enjoy areas that most day-trippers on organised tours miss. Organised half-day tours to Pisa are usually limited to the famous square with its tower.

Leaning Tower: to go up the tower it costs €18 euros. During high season it is best to make a reservation, as limited numbers of visitors are allowed to climb the tower at allotted times. You can make a reservation online from between 45 and 15 days before the date you wish to book for. There is a charge of 2 euros for this advanced reservation. Click here for a direct link to the online booking service (N.B. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to climb the tower).

Ice Cream Tip: If you are a gelato fan, do not miss the Gelateria ORO, just 10 minutes' walk from the station!

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