Museo Fattori - Tuscan Art in Livorno's 19th-century Villa Mimbelli

Entrance to the Museo Fattori, Villa Mimbelli: exhibition of Tuscan artistsEntrance to the Museo Fattori, Villa Mimbelli: exhibition of Tuscan artistsLivorno's only public art gallery is well worth a visit, and not only because of the works of art it contains. The setting in itself, surrounded by the gardens of the 19th-century Villa Mimbelli, offers a welcome respite from the traffic noise and the city bustle, as well as a peaceful and shady haven in the summer months.

The Villa Mimbelli itself also deserves a visit in its own right, with its beautiful rooms decorated with frescoes by Annibale Gatti and its splendid staircase connecting the three floors.

The Fattori art gallery contains some really beautiful and very interesting works of art by Tuscan painters from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Look out in particular for the works by Ulvi Liegi, Guglielmo Micheli and Renato Natali on the ground floor, as well as a painting by Modigliani, Stradina Toscana, and upstairs Fattori’s military paintings (Cavalletto, Dopo la Battaglia, Assalto a Madonna della Scoperta) and his celebrated Mandria Maremmare which portrays a herd of white Maremma cattle and two men on horseback.

Also outstanding is Cesare Bartolena’s I Volontari Livornesi, Lodovico Tommasi’s La Caduta delle Foglie, Angiolo Tommasi’s Vecchi Cenci and Ritratto di Giuseppe Malenchini.

One of my favourites is the Ritratto di Yorik by Vittorio Corcos with its unusual grafitti-covered wall in the background (an all-too familiar sight today). Note also Corcos’ portrait of Livorno’s celebrated composer Pietro Mascagni, portrayed smoking a cigar at his piano.

Look out for the works of Plinio Nomellini too, especially Garibaldi.

Giovanni Fattori (Livorno 1825 - Florence 1908), after whom the gallery was named, was an important figure in the Macchiaioli movement of painting.

Museo Fattori, Villa Mimbelli
Via San Jacopo in Acquaviva 65
57127 Livorno
Tel. +39 0586 808001/804487
Entrance fee: €4, €2,50 for groups of 15 or more.

Complete Wheelchair Access

Opening times:
Tuesdays-Sundays 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm (winter); 10am-1pm and 5pm-11pm (summer)

Closed on Mondays and on New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, 1st May, 15 August and Christmas Day.

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Museo Fattori,Villa Mimbelli.

Glad to see the museum is open on Sunday.I can now look forward to seeing the exhibition "Alle Origini di Livorno" during my next visit to Livorno in April.

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