Our Day in Livorno

It went well. The weather was beautiful!  There were buses at the dock and hordes of people using public transportation. I know a lot of the crew went into town as well. The fee on the bus was a real bargain. I had passed out some info that you sent me for folks not going on tours. (Pisa and Florence.
We did that after the crossing but not all people were staying.  We did it on our own.) I am convinced people are like cows, they are willing to pack into those buses, afraid of adventure! We went into town, had coffee and talked to a girl working for the city regarding the Mercato Centrale. She was very helpful and spoke English. We decided to roam the local town market instead. We walked down to the old port which was lovely. Then we did the hop on hop off bus to get a better perspective of the city.  This was a good idea and the tour guide was fairly helpful. We stopped at station 7, (I
think) got off and took the funicular to the top of an area, forget the name already[Montenero]. We enjoyed that very much. The bus would not be doing that route again (lunch) for 2 hours so we had plenty of time. The return tour guide was less than adequate, simply putting in her time and talking to the driver on the return.(what can we expect for minimum pay, huh?) I felt we packed a lot in for the day and would highly recommend the hop on hop off bus to anyone doing a short stay in the city.

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