Parterre (Parco Pertini)

Parco Pertini, the entrance gate and Poccianti's columnParco Pertini, the entrance gate and Poccianti's columnIn 1854 architect Pasquale Poccianti completed his Giardini degli Acquedotti, better known as the Parterre, a public park which lies in the shadow of the

Villa Corridi, a peaceful haven in Livorno

The beautiful tall pines in Villa Corridi, LivornoThe beautiful tall pines in Villa Corridi, LivornoVilla Corridi is another of Livorno's green areas, out of town on the way to the residential district of Collinaia. It centres around an old mansion that used to belong to the Corridi family in the mid-19th century and which overlooked the family's extensive farmland all around. When the family died out, the building was turned into a sanatorium and the gardens were restored in the English and Italian styles. Nowadays the villa is a primary school. 


Villa Fabbricotti, Livorno's biggest park

The neo-classical Villa FabbricottiThe neo-classical Villa FabbricottiVilla Fabbricotti is Livorno's largest and most beautiful park. It is a popular afternoon meeting place for families and locals in general. Standing in the centre is the 18th-century mansion house, modified over the centuries and remodelled in the neo-classical style in the 1860s by Vincenzo Micheli for British Merchant Thomas Lloyd to whom the villa was sold in 1868. In 1881 it was purchased by Bernardo Fabbricotti, a businessman who dealt in Carrara marble. In 1936 Fabbricotti sold the villa to the Livorno town council.

Villa Mimbelli, art gallery and children's play centre

Villa Mimbelli Park, LivornoVilla Mimbelli Park, LivornoVilla Mimbelli is famous for housing Livorno's most important collection of art works - the Museo Fattori -, but the grounds around the villa form a very green public park which also contains a recently restored theatre (il Teatrino), and a ludoteca, or children's indoor play centre (membership needed). The park is not far from the sea, in the San Jacopo district. It is open from 8am to dusk every day.

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