Shopping in Livorno

Lots of Shopping Opportunities in Livorno

Via Grande - one of Livorno's main shopping streetsVia Grande - one of Livorno's main shopping streetsShopping in Livorno offers a whole range of products and prices, from the popular Livorno markets to shops and stores selling designer label clothes, shoes, jewellery, leather goods and accessories. Livorno is a fairly big town, so you can get most things in the centre of Livorno, but these pointers and the directory of Livorno's shops and services - divided by category and by street - included here will help you to plan in advance if you are looking for something specific.

What Time do Shops Open and Close in Livorno?

Shopping in Via Grande, LivornoShopping in Via Grande, LivornoLivorno Shop Opening Times:
Most shops in the port city of Livorno open at about 9.00 or 9.30am and many close for lunch at 12.30 or 1pm. Some of the larger stores and chain stores now stay open all day, especially in the main thoroughfare Via Grande. On Sundays they are generally closed (see below).

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