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A huge thank you to Kelsey and Lucy for the original idea for this project, and for all their support and encouragement in those early days. And thank you to all the people in Livorno and worldwide who have positively contributed to the site over the last 15 years 

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Premio Combat 2012 - deadline for entries 21st April

Jeanne H - entry to Premio Combat 2012 by Silvia Menicagli Jeanne H - entry to Premio Combat 2012 by Silvia Menicagli 26th March 2012
This annual art prize, Premio Combat, now into its third edition, is open to any contemporary artist, graphic designer or photographer worldwide. It is organized by cultural association and contemporary art gallery, Blob ART, in Livorno.

The competition aims to investigate the most interesting ideas in international contemporary art,  "to go to the frontline to search for different trends in the international art world and to document at the same time the new artistic languages as they develop".

The deadline for entries to the competition is 21st April 2012, and there are three categories: Painting, Graphic Arts, and Photography. Seventy works will be selected to form an exhibition of finalists that will take place from 22-30th June at the prestigious Granai gallery, a section of the Museo Fattori art gallery in Villa Mimbelli, Livorno, and the final award ceremony will take place at the end of this exhibition, on 30th June 2012 (see website for full details).

Direct Motorail Service from Belgium/Holland to Livorno

Railsavers motorail service from Holland to Livorno, Italy Railsavers motorail service from Holland to Livorno, Italy VERY SADLY, THE DUTCH MOTORAIL SERVICE FROM HOLLAND TO LIVORNO WILL NOT BE OPERATING IN 2015 Visitors to Livorno do not only arrive on cruise ships! There is a regular arrival of English and Dutch visitors to Livorno throughout the summer months, by TRAIN! What's more, an average of 350 passengers per week arrive in Livorno, travelling with their own cars or motorbikes on board this comfortable and very convenient Motorail service that connects northern Europe to Italy.

Railsavers  are based near Blackpool in the UK and are the company responsible for promoting the service that allows British motorists to reach southern Europe in style and comfort, saving their driving energies for when they disembark in Livorno central station. Managing director David Evans has been running the company for 25 years and has maintained an enthusiastic and dedicated approach to his business.

Eight Athletes from Livorno at the London 2012 Olympics

Gabriele Detti, young Livornese swimmer Gabriele Detti, young Livornese swimmer The London 2012 Olympics open today, 27th July 2012, and Livorno will be well represented among the Italian team with no fewer than eight athletes competing in the games. Here is a very brief summary of the Amaranta team:

Luca Agamennoni, rower, already the winner of a silver medal in China four years ago. Considering Livorno's rowing traditions, we just have to have a rower at the Olympics! Once told by a prominent figure on the city's rowing scene that he should give up rowing, Luca is about to take part in his second Olympic games! Competing in the "Men's Four" event. (Heats, Monday 30th July at 10.40am, London time).

Giorgio Caproni Centenary

Giorgio Caproni Centenary Giorgio Caproni Centenary


31-1-2012 Livorno commemorates the life of poet Giorgio Caproni a hundred years after his birth in the city

Giorgio Caproni was born in Livorno on 7th January 1912, and died in Rome on 22nd January 1990. He was a poet - one of the most prominent of his time in Italy - , literary critic and translator. Although he spent most of his life in Rome, Caproni wrote about his birthplace, Livorno, in several of his poems. In 1949 he returned to Livorno to look for his grandparents' graves and rediscovered a love of the town of his early years.

H&M opens in Livorno's old Teatro alla Gran Guardia

Goodbye Gran Guardia Goodbye Gran Guardia 27th October 2012
While local people were invited to celebrate the opening of the new, big name clothing store in Via Grande this week, the event left me feeling sad and depressed.

Apart from the fact that this opening marks the arrival of yet another high street name familiar in most European towns and cities, and adding to the growing anonymity of Livorno's shopping centre, the most depressing part of all is that the building that houses the new fashion superstore used to be the Teatro La Gran Guardia, one of Livorno's most important theatres and cinemas.

Livorno delle Nazioni - the (success) story so far

The Dutch Church of Livorno, one of the Livorno delle Nazioni association's projects The Dutch Church of Livorno, one of the Livorno delle Nazioni association's projects

23-7-2012 The Livorno delle Nazioni cultural association has only existed formally since late September 2011, but the small group of dedicated members has already made some important progress.  

The aim of the association is to promote, enhance and restore all those historical sites of Livorno linked to the foreign nations that played such a fundamental role in the growth of the city from the end of the 16th century.  These “nations” (or nazioni) were represented by members of the English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Dutch, French, German, Swiss, Greek, Armenian, Jewish and Turkish communities that settled in Livorno to work. Many of them left tangible evidence of their presence in the form of cemeteries, churches, and noteworthy buildings and villas, and many of these sites need urgent attention.

Livorno delle Nazioni at Renaissance Society of America's Annual Meeting

Old English Cemetery, Via Verdi, Livorno Old English Cemetery, Via Verdi, Livorno One of the founder members of the Livorno delle Nazioni cultural association, American historian Lisa Lillie, will be taking part this week (22nd March 2012) in the 58th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America in Washington DC. Lisa has co-organised a double panel chaired by Professor Stefano Villani of the University of Maryland, and will be presenting her paper on the Old English Cemetery of Livorno.