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A huge thank you to Kelsey and Lucy for the original idea for this project, and for all their support and encouragement in those early days. And thank you to all the people in Livorno and worldwide who have positively contributed to the site over the last 15 years 

Thank you!

Antica Friggitoria at Livorno market on film for the BBC, with Michela Chiappa

Michela Chiappa, Italian-Welsh chef, in Livorno with Fresh OneMichela Chiappa, Italian-Welsh chef, in Livorno with Fresh One 21st October 2015 There were some unusual visitors hanging around at the Antica Friggitoria in Livorno market yesterday morning: a small film crew from the Fresh One Productions TV station, one of Jamie Oliver’s babes, in Livorno with Italian-Welsh celebrity chef Michela Chiappa to find out about street food and discovering Scagliozzi (freshly deep-fried pieces of crisp polenta) as a great takeaway snack. The crew were filming for a TV series called “A Simply Italian Adventure with Michela Chiappa” for BBC Worldwide.

Holland-Livorno motorail service discontinued

23-4-15 Autoslaap, the Dutch company that operated the direct weekly motorail service between Den Bosch in Holland and Livorno announced on Tuesday 21st April that it was discontinuing the service. They issued this press release:

"EETC Vakantietreinen BV Delft, the Dutch operator from car trains to LIVORNO, ALESSANDRIA & KOPER has decided to stop their activities. The car trains for this summer will no longer be continued.

Interview with writer Peter Moore

Peter Moore (left) and Claudio Monteleone, at Livorno's Mercato CentralePeter Moore (left) and Claudio Monteleone, at Livorno's Mercato Centrale 7th December 2015

Talking to Peter Moore about travel, motorbikes and music, and why, after all his globetrotting, he loves Livorno so much!

Peter Moore, the well-known travel writer from Sydney, Australia, lives in London and regularly journeys to fascinating places around the globe to feed his passion for other cultures and to provide material for his entertaining books. He has published several titles based on his worldwide travel adventures, and currently also writes for the British travel magazine Wanderlust, and newpapers like The Guardian.

I first discovered Peter several years ago when searching online for instructions about how to make Livorno's celebrated Ponce, and stumbling across his article in the Sunday Times about Bar Civili, the historic Ponce bar!

Project pARTerre - contemporary art in the park

Support the Il Parterre project by buying a t-shirt (shown - artist Silvia MenicagliSupport the Il Parterre project by buying a t-shirt (shown - artist Silvia Menicagli 16-12-2015 The Project

Within the boundaries of Livorno's historic Parterre park in Viale Carducci, a host of new inhabitants are about to be installed: Project Parterre - a collective project involving 34 prominent contemporary artists - will fill the park with animals and beasts of literary and oral tradition, imaginary creatures that have come about at the hand of these artists and which will make the Parterre into a unique urban park of contemporary art, and the first in Italy with a literary-ludic theme.