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Livorno still reeling after tragic weekend flooding

Volunteers help to clear mud and debris from a building in Ardenza Volunteers help to clear mud and debris from a building in Ardenza 13th September 2017

Last Saturday night the city of Livorno was hit by torrential rain: 400mm of rain fell in just over 4 hours during the worst storm the city has ever seen. That's the equivalent of the last 8 months' worth of rain in one single night.

When the city woke up on Sunday morning the scenes of devastation were unimaginable: whole areas deep in water, homes flooded, roads closed, bridges and walls collapsed, dozens of cars swept away by the flood waters, but far worse than all this was the terribe loss of life. Nine people died in the floods, in tragic circumstances, including three members of the same family whose basement apartment was engulfed by the flood waters on Viale Nazario Sauro, close to the football stadium.

A state of emergency was proclaimed by Livorno's mayor, Filippo Nogarin. Damage within the municipality of Livorno has been estimated at around 3.8 million euros.

While the city centre was relatively untouched by the storm damage, peripheral areas crossed by heavily swollen streams that descend from the surrounding hills have been the worst hit, namely the districts of Montenero, Salviano, Collinaia and Ardenza, as well as Stagno and Quercianella.