Anonymous Art - Elena Bertoni & Simone Romano

Anonymous Art - Vespa Vulgaris Anonymous Art - Vespa Vulgaris Elena Bertoni and Simone Romano, both from Livorno, have been working together under the pseudonym Anonymous Art since 2000. Their research concerns the stylistic elements of esoteric and folkloristic architecture, and the distortions of legends and popular tales.

The background plays a fundamental role, with its intrusive neutrality helping to concentrate on the Symbol. Artworks by Anonymous Art push the observer to the remote depths of man's deepest-rooted philosophical dilemma. The main roles are given to two opposite characters, a clear allusion to the duplicity of the soul and the contrast between Good and Evil.

The artists Elena Bertoni and Simone Romano define their work as short tales where people find animal images and human references playing specific roles: the animals - involved in the circle of life, unaware of life or death, so free from a tragic dimension - live in the present, while human beings ignore it, living in the past and the future. With their cryptic imagery, Anonymous Art provides us with an abstract, even cerebral, representation of the human condition.