Antignano Rowing Team

The Antignano colours The Antignano colours

The Antignano rowing club (now part of the Livorno Sud team) was founded in 1932 as the Dopolavoro Moriani Antignano. In 1954 the ten-man team won their first Palio Marinaro, and in 1997 the Antignano four-man rowing team won the Coppa Barontini, the Coppa Risiatori and the Palio Marinaro

In 2013 the Antignano team was incorporated into the newly formed Livorno Sud team.


1997 The Winning Team 1997 The Winning Team Sezione Nautica Canottieri Antignano
Viale Antignano 80,
Tel. +(39) 339 5979204
Fax: +(39) 0586 485878

President: Bruno Mengheri