Appaloosa Appaloosa Appaloosa was founded in 1998 in Livorno (Tuscany) thanks to Enrico Pistoia and Niccolò Mazzantini . After some changes in the line-up, a number of gigs and their first recording sessions, in  2000 they were joined by drummer Marco Zaninello. At this time they also decided to devote their music to an instrumental sound which blends noise tones with funk and psychedelic attitudes. in April 2004 Simone Di Maggio joined the band, bringing some laptop electronics to their compositions.  They have played at many important festivals and did a mini tour in Spain in 2005 supported by videomaker Martino Chiti.;

Genre: Alternative Synth

Current Line Up:
Niccolò Mazzantini (bass, synth)
Diego Ponte (bass, synth, guitar)
Marco Zaninello (drums)
Dyama La Cha Young (samples, synth)

debut album,  Appaloosa (2003), Ondanomala
Non Posso Stare Senza di te (2005), Urtovox 
Savana (2009), Urtovox
The Worst of Saturday Night (2012), Black Candy Records
Trance44 (2014), Black Candy Records
BAB (2016), Black Candy Records