25th April - Liberation Day

25th April is a national holiday in Italy, commemorating the liberation of the country from the Nazis after World War II in 1945.

In Livorno the day is usually marked by a solemn ceremony in Piazza della Vittoria (Monument to the Fallen) and in Via Ernesto Rossi (Partisan plaque) during which wreaths of laurel are laid at these two reminders of those who died for their country during the war.

Easter in Livorno - Chocolate Eggs, Dove-shaped Cake and Easter Monday Picnics

Spend Easter in the Livorno Sunshine, with whoever you please
There is an Italian expression which says “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi”, meaning ‘spend Christmas with your relatives, and Easter with whoever you please’. In fact it is quite traditional for Italians to go away for the Easter holidays, perhaps to the mountains if there is still some snow for skiing, or to an agriturismo in the country.  Even if they stay at home, Easter Monday is traditionally a day when Italians get together with their friends for a ‘scampagnata’, a day out in the country with a picnic, weather permitting.

Easter is perhaps the most important holiday in the Catholic calendar, and many locals go to mass on Easter Sunday.