An Archive of Stone - The Old English Cemetery of Livorno: now available to order online

Matteo Giunti and Giacomo Lorenzini (eds.), "Un archivio di pietra: l'antico cimitero degli inglesi di Livorno, note storiche e progetti di restauro", Pacini Editore, 2013, 209 pages with colour illustrations. NOW AVAILABLE IN PDF FORMAT

An Archive of Stone - The Old English Cemetery of Livorno, edited by Matteo Giunti and Giacomo Lorenzini, front coverAn Archive of Stone - The Old English Cemetery of Livorno, edited by Matteo Giunti and Giacomo Lorenzini, front cover

While in other countries the study of cemeteries attracts special attention, dealing with aspects that range from the historic and artistic to the naturalistic, in Italy surprisingly little space is dedicated to the subject, despite the country’s deep-rooted religious culture. The Old English Cemetery of Livorno is no exception: as one of the most significant yet least known monuments in the city, hidden in the shadows of modern apartment blocks, enclosed within its high boundary wall and overgrown with brambles and weeds, the cemetery is indeed a rich "archive of stone" (as the title of the book proposes) and has been unjustly disregarded for many years, even by the historiography.

Now, almost four centuries since the foundation of the cemetery, this volume not only represents a rediscovery of the site itself, but also brings to light a number of singular findings of great significance, and clarifies for the first time the numerous theories formulated over the years without firm documentary evidence.  

The old English cemetery, detailThe old English cemetery, detail In fact, the publication provides a complete historical picture of the cemetery, from its origins to the present day; it offers a number of interpretations of this history by employing the theories of transculturalism and cultural hybridisation to throw light on the complexity of the concepts of identity and community in one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean. Furthermore, by virtue of a unique interdisciplinary study, the book deals with the cemetery’s distinctive naturalistic features and proposes a number of projects for the philological recovery of its ailing secular garden.  

The old English cemetery of Livorno, detailThe old English cemetery of Livorno, detail A monumental cemetery, an “archive of stone”, and a historic garden, all calling to be restored to history and to the city they belong to, in order to reaffirm the extraordinary uniqueness of the so-called “Livorno of Nations” on the Italian panorama. 

The articles are all in Italian, but the book also contains over 30 pages of colour images and includes an index of names. The complete contents list is as follows:




L'antico cimitero degli inglesi di Livorno dalle origini al 1900

by Matteo Giunti and Stefano Villani

"This bit of England on foreign soil": note sull'antico cimitero degli inglesi di Livorno dal 1900 a oggi
by Matteo Giunti

"Under all the eyes of the christian world": comunità e identità nell'antico cimitero degli inglesi di Livorno
by Lisa M. Lillie

Mogli, figlie, amiche, amanti: legami affettivi nell'antico cimitero degli inglesi di Livorno
by Algerina Neri

I Webb-James: reti familiari e commerciali. Appunti di ricerca.
by Matteo Giunti

Natura e architettura nel progetto dei primi cimiteri italiani
by Luigi Latini

I cimiteri delle "Nazioni" livornesi: esperienze di recupero
by Roberto Ceccarini

La flora dell'antico cimitero inglese di Livorno
by Paolo Emilio Tomei

Antico cimitero degli inglesi di Livorno: Visual tree assessment, diagnostica per immagini e indagini biomolecolari
by Andrea Bianchi, Giacomo Lorenzini, Cristina Nali and Elisa Pellegrini

La componente vegetale dell'antico cimitero degli inglesi a Livorno: ipotesi di restauro
by Alice Quirico, Galileo Magnani, and Paolo Vernieri

L'antico cimitero degli inglesi di via Verdi a Livorno: un progetto di recupero e valorizzazione a cura degli studenti dell'ISIS "Niccolini-Palli"
by Francesca Vuat

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