Ardenza - the Casini di Ardenza Ardenza - the Casini di Ardenza The village of Ardenza grew up gradually in the countryside to the south of Livorno at the beginning of the 19th century. Although the village was sparsely populated, it already had its own church, San Simone, which was built in 1844. 

During the same period the elegant ‘Casini’ were also erected along the seafront, to provide accommodation for visitors coming to enjoy the sea from outside Livorno. The Caprilli race course (currently closed) was built in 1868, and the Naval Academy in 1881, on the site of the former lazaretto named after San Jacopo and San Leopoldo.The area’s three bagni - Bagni Pejani, Bagni Lido and Bagni Fiumegrew up in the mid 1800s.

Most of Livorno’s sports facilities are found in Ardenza, including the Armando Picchi football stadium, an indoor swimming pool complex, the athletics ground, a basketball stadium, a fencing ground, two rugby pitches and the Caprilli race course (currently closed).

The area also hosts the weekly Friday market, in Via degli Oleandri, near the stadium. It is also home to the popular Baracchina Rossa and La Vela bars, and the newly restored Chalet bar and restaurant at the Rotonda, the latter home to the annual art exhibition, Premio Rotonda.

The district is divided into two - Ardenza Mare on the seafront, and Ardenza Terra slightly inland (Via del Mare connects the two), the latter with a good selection of local shops and restaurants.

Sightseeing in Ardenza
Restaurants in Ardenza
Ardenza Rowing Team 

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Getting to Ardenza:

Ardenza Mare: LAM blu and number 5 buses from Livorno city centre

Ardenza Terra: LAM rossa bus from Livorno city centre