Art Competition - Premio Combat

[img_assist|nid=5726|title=An entry to the Combat art competition by Lorenzo Vadi|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=263|height=300]An independent art competition has been launched by the Associazione Culturale Blob Art. It is open to anyone living in Italy, and there are two categories for entries: artists under 50, and students under 25. The competition is for the painting medium and entries should be submitted by 3rd April 2010.

All entrants will see their works published on the competition website and will also take part in a exhibition of all 80 finalists from 7-16th May 2010 at the Bottini dell'Olio, Livorno.

Overall winners will also receive cash prizes: €6000 for the under 50 category, and €2000 for the under-25s.

For further information see the Premio Combat website or write to: