Associazione Culturale Livorno delle Nazioni

LdN LdN The Livorno delle Nazioni cultural association was officially registered on 30th September 2011.

The name of the association - Livorno delle Nazioni ('Livorno of Nations') - refers to the foreign communities present in Livorno from the mid-16th to the 19th centuries who lived and worked in the city, contributing greatly to its development.

The aim of the association is to help to promote, conserve and restore the historic cemeteries, churches and buildings related to these communities present in Italy, Tuscany, and in Livorno itself. Already the group has been working to clear and restore the Old English Cemetery in Livorno for several years, and has been active in supporting efforts to save the Dutch Church on the Scali degli Olandesi.

In 2011 the association organised two photographic exhibitions (at Effetto Venezia and the Festa dell'Uva) regarding the Old English Cemetery and the Dutch Church. Its members have had several meetings with local councillors for tourism and culture, as well as with the Soprintendenza dei Beni Culturali (cultural heritage department). A Livorno 2012 calendar was created to raise funds for the association's activities.

For more up-to-date information, see the association's website and Facebook page.

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Associazione Culturale Livorno delle Nazioni
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