Bad Love Experience

Bad Love Experience Bad Love Experience About ten years ago, Livorno’s underground music scene was shaken by a repertoire of original pieces straddling from punk rock to melodic hardcore of the nineties: the music of Bad Love Experience. The band’s official line up with Valerio Casini (voice and guitar), Emanuele Voliani (bass and choir) and Gabriele Bogi (drums) was not brought together until 2004 – the beginning of a phase of both musical and personal growth, broadening the diversity and distinction of sound and attitude in any of their projects.

They released a CD in collaboration with Young Silencers for Hot Movie Records and Growing Down Records and gave their first concerts outside of Livorno. In addition, Bad Love Experience participated in various Italian compilations alongside musicians of high international standard.
During the following years, the trio worked on pieces for their self-titled debut Bad Love Experience, recorded in the Iris Studio by Fabrizio Brilli and mastered in the Sonic Iguana Studios by Mass Giorgini. The result was an album loaded with the sonority of England’s new wave of the end of the seventies, beat of the sixties and American punk of the nineties. With its release in November 2006 for Mabel Records, it received rave reviews and was nominated for the Fuori Dal Mucchio award as the best debut album of 2006/07. The recognition and success was followed by a long tour in Italy and two tours abroad in France, Belgium and in the Baltic States.
In between 2007 and 2008 Claudio Laucci (piano and organ) joined the band. Bad Love Experience started work on their second album which was recorded with Justin Perkins as musical producer (Smart Studios of Milwaukee) in the Big Wave Studio of Livorno in July 2008. It was mastered subsequently by Trevor Sadler in the Mastermind Production Studios in Milwaukee.

The band was nominated for the David di Donatello award for their soundtrack to the film La Prima Cosa Bella (2010) directed by Paolo Virzì

Their third album, Pacifico (Black Candy Records), was released in 2012.

A fourth album, Believe Nothing was released in 2015. The video for the title track was made by Ambra Lunardi.



Valerio Casini: guitar, vocals
Emanuele Voliani: bass, choir
Gabriele Bogi: drums
Marco Capozzi: piano, organ