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17 Crash

17 Crash 17 Crash Glam hard rock band 17 Crash from Livorno was formed in 2011 by Phil Hill (drums), Fudd and Kiko Zozzo (guitar), with the aim of creating a melodic hard rock band with a blues sound.

Andrea Pellegrini

Andrea Pellegrini plays for Agorà, Sunday 6th June 2010 Andrea Pellegrini plays for Agorà, Sunday 6th June 2010 Andrea Pellegrini comes from a family of musicians and was brought up to appreciate jazz by his father, jazz musician Gianfranco Pellegrini. He started piano lessons at the age of 6, later studying with Ilio Barontini. He also studied percussion at the Istituto Mascagni, and can play the guitar, double bass, vibraphone and drums.
Andrea Pellegrini gained his degree in Jazz studies at Siena Jazz, as well as a diploma in Jazz from the Istituto Mascagni, Livorno.

Andy Paoli

Andy Paoli (at the Hard Rock Café in Paris, 2008) Andy Paoli (at the Hard Rock Café in Paris, 2008) Livorno born Andy Paoli has been playing guitar for more than 25 years. He began at the age of 8 and soon started performing in front of an audience in a rock band covering Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and other rock stuff.

A few years later Andy developed a love of Blues  and studied for hours every day through the masters of blues, such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Buddy Guy, Albert King and Freddie King. He fell in love with Jimi Hendrix, his style and his amazing sound, and he realised that Fender Strat and a Marshall amp were the best match ever!


Appaloosa Appaloosa Appaloosa was founded in 1998 in Livorno (Tuscany) thanks to Enrico Pistoia and Niccolò Mazzantini . After some changes in the line-up, a number of gigs and their first recording sessions, in  2000 they were joined by drummer Marco Zaninello. At this time they also decided to devote their music to an instrumental sound which blends noise tones with funk and psychedelic attitudes. in April 2004 Simone Di Maggio joined the band, bringing some laptop electronics to their compositions.  They have played at many important festivals and did a mini tour in Spain in 2005 supported by videomaker Martino Chiti.

Bad Love Experience

Bad Love Experience Bad Love Experience About ten years ago, Livorno’s underground music scene was shaken by a repertoire of original pieces straddling from punk rock to melodic hardcore of the nineties: the music of Bad Love Experience.

Beppe Scardino

Beppe Scardino Beppe Scardino Beppe Scardino is a baritone saxophonist, bass clarinetist and composer.
He studied with Dimitri Grechi Espinoza and in 2002 and 2003 collaborated with the Congolese artist Ludovic Goma Parfait, researcher into the therapeutic traditions of Kongò cultures.
He has attended master classes with some of the world's greatest jazz musicians, including  Anthony Braxton, jazz saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell, Muhal Richard Abrahams and Rob Brown, and he is a member of the collective-label El Gallo Rojo Records.

Beppe also leads a sextet called Orange Room, (El Gallo Rojo Records) which has taken part in some of the most important festivals and venues for creative music in Italy, including: Centro d'Arte Padova, MetJazz (Prato), Risonanze - Teatro Fondamenta Nuove (Venezia), An Insolent Noise (Pisa).
He graduated in jazz at the Bologna Music Conservatory with a thesis on the late Coltrane.

Bobo Rondelli

Bobo Rondelli e L'OrchestrinoBobo (Roberto) Rondelli is well-known in Livorno as the lead singer with the Ottavo Padiglione, a group formed in 1992. Bobo was behind the band and wrote most of their songs, recording their first album in 1993. The band soon became known outside Tuscany, especially for the sharp humour of Bobo's song lyrics, often painting an ironic picture of the band's home town, Livorno. Bobo Rondelli e L'Orchestrino