A beautiful weekend in Livorno.

Picchi Stadium, Livorno Picchi Stadium, Livorno My friend and I spent a smashing weekend in Livorno recently. Thanks to the Livorno Now website my friend and I were able to see much more of Livorno and appreciate it.

The weather was great, bright and sunny and perfect for strolling along the canal in the "little Venice" district. This led to the seafront and a few drinks in Bar Terzi (Piazza Mazzini). We purchased tickets for the following day's game between AS Livorno and AC Milan (only 11 euros each) and after window shopping on the Via Grande we finished our day in the very friendly and welcoming Bar Civili drinking the famous Ponce (coffee,rum,lemon).

The Number 1 bus took us directly to the Picchi Stadium for the game. It was a full house but we were made very welcome by the fans inside the stadium and they made room for me and friend so we had a good view. After the match (a dreadful 1-4 loss) we drowned our sorrows with a few drinks and a wonderful stroll along Livorno's promenade surrounded by families of all ages and watched the sun go down. A beautiful passeggiata.

We are going to Viareggio for our holidays (already booked) but we will most certainly be seeing more of Livorno on our trip. Can't wait. (Vincent, 2010)