Beyond Painting, beyond the Macchiaioli

Bottini dell'Olio - ideal exhibition space, too infrequently used Bottini dell'Olio - ideal exhibition space, too infrequently used 11th January 2011 Talk to any of Livorno's many talented contemporary artists and they will probably complain about how the city's artistic scene is too strongly tied to its Macchiaioli background. Livorno's galleries heave with works from this artistic period as though nothing else worth showing existed. It is difficult for contemporary Livornese artists to find space to show their works locally, and many are forced to turn to other cities and regions.

Here then, is an exhibition that appears to want to break away from Livorno's traditional artistic  heritage and to present some refreshing new works that go beyond the conventional. Oltre la Pittura ('beyond painting') opens on Saturday 15th January 2011 at Livorno's Bottini dell'Olio in the Venezia quarter. The exhibition, curated by Bruno Sullo, focuses on the works of 16 artists from Livorno whose artistic expression pulls away from traditional means and methods. Each artist presents 5 or 6 works, including video, installations and performances.  The artists taking part are: Addobbati, Allegri, Andreani, Bottari, Cantini, Francesconi, Giorgi, Mischi, I Santini Del Prete, Mochi, Mori, Netto, Pasquinelli, Peloso, Sullo and Zannoni. The exhibition opens on Saturday 15th January 2011, but sadly runs for only a week. Why so short, when the Bottini dell'Olio lie empty for much of the year? Couldn't it become a permanent exhibition space for Livorno's contemporary artists? Let's hope that this is just a taste of things to come.