My Italian (English) Christmas in Livorno

25th December 2008

In all the years I have lived in Livorno, I have nearly always spent Christmas here rather than going back to the UK. This is mainly because my husband has to work on Christmas Eve, making pre-Christmas travel almost impossible.

For many years our Christmas lunch was very conveniently enjoyed at my parents-in-laws’ home here in Livorno where we would turn up at 1pm to find everything beautifully prepared and ready for eating. All we had to do was take our places at the table and tuck in.

Shocking Weather and Advent Calendars

4th December 2008

That was the wettest, windiest, stormiest  and coldest spot of weather I have ever experienced in Livorno. I kept expecting Noah to sail past the window in his ark. If he had, I might have suggested he took some of the neighbours’ barking dogs with him, especially the one that barks at 7am, every day, Sundays and holidays included. It is so good to see the sunshine again today.

1st December meant advent calendars for the kids. Although the calendars are not part of Italian tradition, I introduced them to my half-Italian family early on.