Bobo - from Prokoviev to politics

15th July 2011
Bobo Rondelli narrates Peter and the Wolf with ORT Bobo Rondelli narrates Peter and the Wolf with ORT Just last week Livorno's popular singer-songwriter Bobo Rondelli joined the Florence-based Orchestra della Toscana as narrator in Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. 

This rather unusual role for Bobo - known for his caustic humour and laid back style - may have been cause for some doubts on the other side of the Livornese border, but judging by the audiences' (and the musicians') reaction during the two performances (in San Marcello Pistoiese and Poggio a Caiano), Bobo more than proved his talent as an all-round, and very funny entertainer.

The children's tale, written by Prokofiev in 1936, has been performed several times by the ORT, past narrators including theatrical actor Paolo Poli. The role was also famously played by Tuscan actor and comedian Roberto Benigni a few years ago. So hats off to Bobo for taking some of his Livornese humour to the rest of Tuscany!

Bobo at the Festa del PD, Livorno Bobo at the Festa del PD, Livorno Last night, Bobo was back on home ground, at the PD Festival - the Partito Democratico's annual shindig - at the Rotonda in Ardenza. He performed two hours of his well-known songs to an appreciative Livornese audience. A long encore included surprise renditions in excellent English of the Clash's 'Should I stay or should I go', and Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Have you ever seen the rain'. Bobo is definitely branching out!

Excellent musicians accompanied Bobo's vocals: Steve Lunardi on violin, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza on contralto sax, Beppe Scardino on baritone sax, Simone Padovani on drums, Fabio Marchiori on keyboards, and Silvia Bolognesi on double bass.

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