Bobo Rondelli

Bobo Rondelli e L'OrchestrinoBobo (Roberto) Rondelli is well-known in Livorno as the lead singer with the Ottavo Padiglione, a group formed in 1992. Bobo was behind the band and wrote most of their songs, recording their first album in 1993. The band soon became known outside Tuscany, especially for the sharp humour of Bobo's song lyrics, often painting an ironic picture of the band's home town, Livorno. Bobo Rondelli e L'Orchestrino

Rondelli went solo in the late 1990s and produced his first solo album, Figlio del Nulla, in 2001. In 2002 his second album, Disperati, Intellettuali, Ubriaconi, was entirely arranged and produced by Stefano Bollani, the well-known Italian jazz pianist and composer. In 2009 he released the album Per L'Amor del Cielo.

Bobo Rondelli has also appeared in several films, called on first of all by film director Roberta Torre for her award-winning Sud-Side Story. He appeared in an Italo-Swedish production - Un Paradiso Senza Biliardo" -  alongside the Livornese comedian Paolo Migone, and also starred with Alessandro Paci in Andata e Ritorno for which he also wrote the soundtrack. His also had roles in La Brutta Copia by Ceccherini and La Prima Cosa Bella by Paolo Virzì, and was the subject of a documentary, Ho Picchiato la Testa, also by Virzì (2010). Most recently he appeared in Toni D'Angelo's L'Innocenza di Clara (2012).

Genre: Rock


With Ottavo Padiglione: Ottavo Padiglione (1993); Fuori Posto (1995); Onde Reggae (1999); Ultime Follie Beste Bestie (2003)

solo albums Figlio del Nulla (2001); Disperati, Intellettuali, Ubriaconi (2002); Per L'Amor del Cielo (2009); L'Ora dell'Ormai (2011); A Famous Local Singer (2013); Come i Carnevali (2015), Anime Storte (2017)