Body, Mind and Voice - Workshop in Lucca

Villa Boccella, Lucca, venue for the Body, Mind and Voice workshop, 9-11-14 Villa Boccella, Lucca, venue for the Body, Mind and Voice workshop, 9-11-14 Body, Mind and Voice

Alexander Technique Voice Workshop with Paolo Frigoli MSTAT
Sunday 9 November 2014, 10am – 6pm
Lucca, Tuscany, Italy.

Tuscany Arts and Healing are delighted to host this unique Workshop with
Paolo Frigoli MSTAT, one of Italy's leading Alexander Technique teachers in
the stunning location of Villa Boccella which is located just a few miles
away from the walled city of Lucca in Northern Tuscany.

Learn how to:
recognize old habits of mis-use and correct them
improve your posture
free up your breathing whilst singing, performing or speaking
extend your vocal range

This Workshop is suitable for everyone: those in the performing arts,
singers, actors and those who would like to improve the quality and sound
of their voice for personal or professional use.

The Alexander Technique helps you to release the tension in everyday
movements and undo bad habits built up over the years. It increases the
awareness of the relationship between posture, breathing and the voice,
using a unique combination of verbal instruction and hands-on guidance.

Paolo, who originally trained as a physiotherapist, has been teaching the
Alexander Technique since 1992. As well as managing a successful private
practice in Brescia in Northern Italy he has run group workshops for years
at many prestigious institutions, including the Accademia del Teatro alla
Scala in Milan, the Luca Marenzio Music Conservatory in Brescia and many
other institutions. He has additionally taught on Alexander Technique
teacher-training courses in Italy, Spain, Brazil, the USA and the UK and is
also a qualified Cranio-Sacral practitioner.

The Workshop will take place in the Studio at Villa Boccella which is an
airy, purpose-built and light-filled space and the nearby Dependence with
its lovely dining room, terrace and garden is available for lunch and
refreshments. Villa Boccella is easily accessible from Lucca by car and
public transport. There is ample parking on the estate.

The cost for the Workshop is €95 (which includes tuition, a delicious
freshly-prepared lunch and all refreshments. A non-refundable deposit of
€25 is required, payable into Tuscany Arts and Healing's Paypal account and
the balance is due on the day in euros.

For information and bookings please contact:
Jane Parkinson, Co-ordinator and Facilitator, Tuscany Arts and Healing (
tuscanyartsandhealing@gmail. <>com
<> +39 345 3140844