Bus 2020, Gathering Ideas for Livorno's Cisternino

The Cisternino 2020 Wandering Bus The Cisternino 2020 Wandering Bus As part of the Cisternino 2020 project for the city of Livorno, a wandering bus will be stationed around Livorno over the next few weeks, starting from Saturday 19th April, inviting local people to climb on board and contribute ideas about the future of the Cisternino in Piazza Guerrazzi and Livorno in general.

On board the bus, which has been decorated by a young artist, visitors will be able to see the exhibition entitled "I Giovani nelle Città, in Giro per il Mondo e Livorno". This includes a map showing places currently available in Livorno for young people, and places that could potentially be developed as creative youth centres in the future.

Each area chosen for the bus to stop in will also be explored on foot, in order to better understand the various places on offer to young people. These "Camminate nel Quartiere" will be led by young people involved in the Cisternino 2020 project.

Cisternino 2020 Map - Places for Young People Cisternino 2020 Map - Places for Young People The first stop for Bus 2020 will be Piazza Cavour on Saturday 19th April from 3-7pm. A walk will take place, starting at 3pm, around Circoscrizione 2, led by one of the project coordinators, Marinella Sclavi, Professor in Urban Ethnography at the Politecnico di Milano.

These are the dates and details of Bus 2020's itinerary over the next few weeks:

19 April:      Piazza Cavour 3-7pm
20 April:      Festa di Primavera in Collinaia, Piazza D. Chiesa, 3-7pm.
26 April:      Car park next to Circoscrizione 1, Via delle Sorgenti, 9.30am-                  12.30pm.
3 May:        TAN, outside Fortezza Vecchia, Porto Mediceo, 3-9pm
4 May:        Sagra dei Baccelli, Salviano, 3-8pm
10 May:       Piazza Goldoni (for the Diversamente Liberi exhibition), 3-7pm.
11 May:       Rotonda di Ardenza, 3-7pm.
17 May:      Terrazza Mascagni 6-11pm.
18 May:      Terrazza Mascagni 3-7pm.