Cage Rage over Livorno Council Music Permit Mix-up

[img_assist|nid=6806|title=The Cage Theatre, Livorno|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=200]No more music at The Cage Theatre?

1 July 2011
Just a few weeks ago the newly restored The Cage Theatre in Livorno’s Villa Corridi park announced an exciting programme of events for the coming summer, having already hosted a string of quality bands and music since the opening of the venue earlier in the year (Meat Puppets, Melissa auf der Maur, Verdena, to name just a few).

Great new live music venue for Livorno

The Associazione Culturale The Cage, founded in Livorno almost ten years ago, spent 80,000 euros  restoring the old Mascagni Theatre after winning Livorno Council’s tender which invited applicants to create a music venue for local young people.  The result was a great new place for live music in Livorno, with a huge outside park area to be used during the summer months.

Old lady can't stand the noise

Last week, however, The Cage Theatre had to announce the sudden interruption of its summer-long music programme: in the grounds of the park lives a frail old lady whose presence seems to have been overlooked by the Comune. Unsurprisingly, the park’s only resident has got fed up of rock concerts on her doorstep, and recently called in the police.  Who wouldn’t? But why wasn’t this inevitable problem dealt with when the town council invited tenders for the theatre? Perhaps they thought she would just pack up and move out quietly?!
Whether the mix-up is due to incompetence, an oversight, or an ostrich attitude, Toto Barbato and other members of the Cage Association are now demanding that Livorno Council find a solution to this complication so that they can continue the excellent work they have been doing for years in bringing music and entertainment to Livorno.

For the moment, the last possible concert - This Will Destroy You -  at The Cage Theatre will take place on 5th July