Campiglia Marittima

Palazzo Pretorio with its medieval coats-of-arms, Campiglia MarittimaPalazzo Pretorio with its medieval coats-of-arms, Campiglia Marittima One of only four non-coastal municipalities in Livorno Province, Campiglia Marittima lies in the far south, about 70km from the city of Livorno. Apart from the main town of Campiglia Marittima (276m above sea level), the comune also includes the villages (frazioniI) of Venturina, Cafaggio, Lumiere, Banditelle, Palmentello and Casalappi. It has 13,500 inhabitants and covers an area of 83 sq km.

Places of Interest

La Rocca di Campiglia - remains of Gherardesca castle, and museum

La Via delle Fonti - a pleasant walk through the hills from Fonte Corboli, passing various natural springs

  • Archaeological and Mineral Park of the Rocca di San Silvestro - various trails lead visitors on a discovery of the archaeological remains of a medieval village
  • Museo del Lavoro (Venturina) - museum dedicated to tools and instruments of labour - agriculture, industry and crafts - , from the last two centuries.
  • Palazzo Pretorio - 13th-century building now housing public wine cellar and information point for the Strade del Vino (wine routes).
  • Spa (Parco Termale) (Venturina) - various health spas and spa hotels make up this area of natural thermal waters.

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