Carneigra Carneigra Carneigra, with their current line-up, have been playing together since 2004, although the band has been going since 2000. The name derives from  the combination of the words carne and negra, taken from a song by the Italian singersongwriter De André.

Their songs reflect the “Mediterranean soul” of Livorno and their lyrics have clear social and political connotations. The musicians all come from different musical backgrounds, ranging from classical to jazz and rock, and these influences all come together in Carneigra creating their own individual style.

They have played in varied venues such as the Volterra Teatro,  the Festival Acustica di San Donà di Piave and in Gorgona prison.

Genre: acoustic, melodic pop

Line Up:
Emiliano Nigi (vocals)
Antonio (guitar)
Matteo (guitar)
Massimo Signorini (accordion)
Mirco Capecchi (double bass)
Simone Padovani (drums)
Alessandro Riccucci (sax)

Recordings:  Debut Album “E Tutti i Pesci Vennero a Galla” (2004, Arroyo records, Venus distribuzioni) was recorded in Livorno at the Tube Screamer Studio by Fabrizio Brilli and Valerio Fantozzi.