The Cathedral of Livorno

The Cathedral, or Duomo of Livorno The Cathedral, or Duomo of Livorno Livorno’s original cathedral (or Duomo), in Piazza Grande, was designed by Alessandro Pieroni and built by Cantagallina. It was completed in 1606, dedicated to St Francis of Assisi (San Francesco). Sadly, the original building was almost completely destroyed by bombings in 1943 but a small part of the original building can be seen on the west side of the church. The modern-day reconstruction was completed in 1952 and is a reproduction of the original. The interior contains Fra Angelico's 15th century painting of Christ Crowned with Thorns, as well as some interesting early 17th-century paintings by a number of well-known Tuscan artists: the Triumph of Saint Giulia by Jacopo Ligozzi; the Assumption of the Virgin by Domenico Cresti da Passignano, and Saint Francis of Assisi by Jacopo Chimenti da Empoli.
The cathedral originally had six bells which were cast in Prato in 1823. After the war only five of these were found, all of them badly damaged, so they were melted down and re-cast, together with another old bell, to make six new ones.

Open every morning until 12pm. and in the afternoon from 5-7pm. For information about what time Mass is held, click here