Corale Domenico Savio

The Corale Domenico Savio was founded in 1965 by Don Lelio Bausani who still plays an active part in the training of the chorists. The choir, which has 25 young members, has performed throughout Italy and abroad to great acclaim. Their repertoire ranges from Renaissance to contemporary music, with particular emphasis on polyphonic arrangements.
Corale Domenico Savio
Largo Duomo 1
57123 Livorno


Cristiano Grasso

Choirmaster with a Spring in his Step

Cristiano GrassoCristiano Grasso Cristiano Grasso was born in 1973 in Cecina, a small town by the sea in the province of Livorno, although he now lives in Livorno. Cristiano’s passion is for music, as shown by his very busy schedule as school teacher, piano teacher and choirmaster of three different choirs here in Livorno.