Church of the Madonna

The Church of the Madonna, officially dedicated to saints Maria, Giulia and Francesco, is situated in the street of the same name in the city centre of Livorno. The modern appearance of the church, with its simple marble-clad facade dating from a post-war restoration, is misleading, since its construction was begun in 1607. It is one of the three historic churches in Via della Madonna and was used by members of the foreign communities living in Livorno where they had their own altars.

Inside the church, in fact, are four altars belonging to the French, Corsican, Portuguese and Dutch nations who had settled in Livorno at the time of its construction and who worshipped here. The church is therefore one of the earliest testimonies of Livorno's cosmopolitan history

A plaque commemorates the famous Flemish sculptor Francois Duquesnoy who died in Livorno in 1643.

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