Church of Saint Andrew (Waldensian Church)

Church of Saint Andrew, now belonging to the Waldensian churchChurch of Saint Andrew, now belonging to the Waldensian church Originally dedicated to Saint Andrew by the Scottish Presbyterian community living in Livorno in the 19th century, the church now belongs to the Italian Waldensian church (Valdese in Italian). The building dates from the mid-19th century and was only allowed by the Italian Catholic church on the condition that it did not look like a church - hence its rather unusual appearance. It is said to have been designed by a Scottish architect by the name of Rumball, but no record currently testifies to this. The church reflects the neo-Gothic taste that was fashionable at the time in Scotland.

Church services are held on Sundays at 9.30am. The minister is Daniele Bouchard. Tel. +(39) 050 28566 and 0586 897452

The church is located in Via Verdi (near Piazza Cavour) and borders on the old English Cemetery

Where to park: in pay-parking bays along Scali D'Azeglio and Scali Manzoni (canalside), in the pay-car park in Piazza Mazzini, or at the Odeon car park.

Bus: LAM Rossa