Church of San Ferdinando

Church of San Ferdinando Church of San Ferdinando

In the historic Venezia quarter, just across from Piazza Luogo Pio in Piazza Anita Garibaldi is San Ferdinando, one of Livorno's oldest and most interesting churches. Also known as La Crocetta, it was built largely at the hest of prince Ferdinando, son of Grand Duke Cosimo III, and was therefore named after him.

It was begun in 1707 to a design by Giovan Battista Foggini and completed ten years later by Giovanni del Fantasia (although the facade remains incomplete).The building was consacrated in 1717.

The church was given over to the Trinitarian Order who came to Livorno from France in 1653 and whose mission it was to liberate slaves. The baroque interior contains the fine marble sculpture by Giovanni Baratta (1670-1747) (liberated slaves) which reflects the Trinitarian mission. The marble floor features twenty-five marble burial plaques bearing coats of arms, including those of two members of the French d'Eyssautier family who came to Livorno from Avignon
The church is sometimes used as a venue for concerts of classical music and choirs.

Piazza Anita Garibaldi 1, tel. +(39) 0586 888541
Mass: weekdays 5.30pm (winter) 6pm (summer); Saturdays and days before holidays 6pm; Sundays 11am.