Church of Santa Giulia

Facade of the Church of Santa GiuliaFacade of the Church of Santa Giulia Close to the Duomo (on the left when facing the cathedral), this small church is dedicated to the patron saint of Livorno (feast day 22 May).

It was built in 1606 after the land was ceded to the Livornese by Ferdinando I. Three years later a small cemetery and an oratory were built at the rear of the church, of which only the oratory now remains. This is known as the Cappella di San Ranieri (St Ranier’s chapel).

Much of the church’s original decoration was lost in the war, but the ceiling was rebuilt in the original style. The church contains a number of the Saint’s relics, donated to Ferdinand’s wife by the bishop of Brescia in 1606.

Under the floor are buried nine Knights of the Order of Saint Stephen. The beautiful altar piece depicting Saint Giulia is attributed to Giotto’s school.

Interior of the Church of Santa Giulia, Patron Saint of LivornoInterior of the Church of Santa Giulia, Patron Saint of Livorno Via di Santa Giulia, tel. +(39) 0586 883598
Opening times: 8am-12noon Monday-Saturday, 9am-10.30am Sundays