Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo

Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo The Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo stands opposite the Piazza del Cisternone, opposite the huge neo-Doric facade of the Cisternone, the old water cistern which used to supply the city's water.

The church was built in 1837 by order of Leopoldo II, at the time when the nearby seminary was constructed. An earlier and smaller church dedicated to Sant'Andrea had been built near here, on the edge of a cemetery, in the early 19th century following an epidemic of yellow fever in Livorno.

The parish of Sant'Andrea in Livorno is a very active one, and a number of events are organised to coincide with the feast day of Sant'Andrea on 30th November each year.

Via S.Andrea 75, 57122 Livorno

Tel. +(39) 0586 887126, fax +(39) 0586 895239
Weekdays: 8.30am and 6pm
Days preceding holidays 6pm; Sundays and holidays: 8am, 9.30am, 11am, 6pm