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Dear visitors, After 15 years of providing information about Livorno, as from 1st May 2020 the Livorno Now website will no longer be updated. You can continue to follow us and contact us through our Facebook page or by email
A huge thank you to Kelsey and Lucy for the original idea for this project, and for all their support and encouragement in those early days. And thank you to all the people in Livorno and worldwide who have positively contributed to the site over the last 15 years 

Thank you!

Alma Trio

The Alma Trio was formed in 2006 by violinist Renata Sfriso, pianist Silvia da Boit, and cellist Caroline Boersma. Their repertoire includes chamber music from the 18th century up to the present, with particular attention to female composers. The trio has been highly acclaimed in Piedmont, Friuli, Tuscany and Lazio.

Open Ensemble

The Open Ensemble Quartet The Open Ensemble Quartet Daniele Fredianelli, Renata Sfriso, Riccardo Masi and Giovanni Bacchelli have known each other for a long time, having worked together during their musical careers in various orchestras,