I Quattro Mori - The Four Moors Statue

The Quattro Mori (four moors) statue The Quattro Mori (four moors) statue The Four Moors - a symbol of Livorno Overlooking the old Medici Port, right at the port end of Via Grande, you cannot fail to notice the statue known as I Quattro Mori (‘the four moors’) which is undoubtedly Livorno’s most famous landmark. The monument, which is a symbol of Livorno, was carried out in two stages. The upper part, portraying Ferdinando I, the Medici Grand Duke, was sculpted in marble by Giovanni Bandini by order of Ferdinando’s son, Cosimo II, to honour his father. It was erected in 1617, nine years after Grand Duke Ferdinando’s death.

The four bronze moors were added between 1623 and 1626 and are the work of the Carrara sculptor, Pietro Tacca, who was Giambologna’s greatest pupil.

The whole monument is supposed to represent the Grand Duchy of Tuscany's victories over attacks from the sea by moorish pirates who threatened the security of the region.

Submitted by Jon Watt (not verified) on Tue, 15/01/2019 - 19:35


Most people zip around square where this is located without really stopping to look at it. It is so prominent in Livorno that it's often taken for granted. it is definitely worth the stop. Each of the Moors has unique features that are worth far more than a moment's glance. When I think back on my time being stationed at Camp Darby (about 6 miles from Livorno) as a US soldier for 6 years, part of that time actually living in government housing in Livorno - there are only a few things that truly stand out in my memory. (Hey, that was almost 30 years ago) - chief among those memories for Livorno - is this statue. I'm glad I took the time to really look and not just rush on past.