Concerts for visitors to Livorno



The above video was filmed at the rehearsal for last Sunday's concert at Livorno's law courts (25th August 2013). It features soprano Lisa Lillie who is one of the founder members of the Livorno delle Nazioni cultural association which is supporting this series of concerts.

From August to October, 
a series of six morning concerts in Livorno organised specially for visitors to the city, offering an excellent opportunity not only to enjoy a concert of classical music, but also to discover part of Livorno's extraordinary history.

The concerts are being organised by the Accademia degli Avvalorati cultural association led by Massimo Signorini, and will be held in six different locations on various dates until 2nd October.

Each concert - beginning at 11.45am - will feature a different and varied programme of music from the 17th and 18th centuries including pieces by J. S. Bach, J.P. Schulthesius, and Livornese composers P. Nardini, G. Cambini. Concerts will be preceded by an introduction, in various languages, by the Guide Storiche di Livorno tourist guide association, a member of which will give a short presentation about the history of each concert venue. 

Programme (all concerts start at 11.45am):

Wednesday 14th August: Venue - Fortezza Nuova, Sala degli Archi. Music by Giulio Caccini  and other 16th-century composers, with Roberto Cecchetti, violin, & Massimo Signorini, accordion.

Friday 16th August: Venue - Church of Santa Caterina, Piazza dei Domenicani, Venezia district. Music by Johann Sebastian Bach and other 18th-century composers, with Massimo Signorini, positive organ

Sunday 25th August: Venue - Tribunale di Livorno, Cappellina dei Gesuiti ("Jesuits' Chapel), Via Falcone e Borsellino 1. Music by Johann Paul Schulthesius and other composers, with Marco Vanni, saxophone, and Massimo Signorini, accordion. Full programme

Thursday 5th September: Venue - Chamber of Commerce of Livorno, Loggiato, Piazza del Municipio 48. Music by Pietro Nardini and other composers, with Luigi Nannetti, flute, and Massimo Signorini, accordion.

Wednesday 25th September: Venue - Palazzo Granducale, Sala Consiliare, Piazza del Municipio 4. Music by Giuseppe Cambini and other composers, with Eleanor Young, cello, and Massimo Signorini, accordion.

Wednesday 2nd October: Venue - Terminal Crociere inside the port area. Argentinian Tango, with Fabio de Ranieri, guitar, and Massimo Signorini, accordion.

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