Corners of Livorno Restored: Piazza Caproni and Via Santa Caterina

New pavement for Via Santa CaterinaNew pavement for Via Santa Caterina 21-3-2009 This weekend, in the historical 'new' Venezia quarter of Livorno, a short stretch of street is being inaugurated and returned to the city after a period of restoration: Via Santa Caterina is close to the church of the same name and was in fact once an area used as a cemetery, hence its original name 'via del Camposanto'. It has now been given a new look with new paving stones and street lighting. It has also been pedestrianised.
On Saturday 21st March at 4.30pm there will be a short ceremony in the presence of the Mayor of Livorno, Alessandro Cosimi, and the priest from the church of Santa Caterina, Don Giuseppe Ferrari, who will give a blessing.

Piazza Giorgio Caproni- artwork by Anna Laura BachiniPiazza Giorgio Caproni- artwork by Anna Laura Bachini Not long ago, the small square at the end of Via Maggi, close to Piazza Cavour in the centre of Livorno, was completely cleaned up and given a new name. It was named after the Livornese poet Giorgio Caproni whose image decorates the design created especially for the inauguration of the Piazza by Anna Laura Bachini. The newly-restored Piazza Giorgio CaproniThe newly-restored Piazza Giorgio Caproni The new look for this end of Via Maggi has really improved the area's image, which had become run down and neglected. It has also brought one of Livorno's famous sons to the fore.