Cycle of Documentaries Kicks off with Films Made in Livorno

Friday 11th April 2008 sees the beginning of a series of six evenings dedicated to documentary films at the Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie in Via G. Terreni, Livorno. The films all come under the title “L’Italia allo Specchio – Visioni e Percorsi nel Cinema della Realtà”.

The first evening – Friday 11th April -  is dedicated to a number of films made by Livornese film makers in 2007 at the Divari Doc workshop. The theme of these films is the diversity of language and cultures. They are as follows:
Appunti e accordi “by Azzurra Pavone and Martine Polese
Per non passare l’inverno  da sole” by Manuela Guidi
Miwa, qualcosa di felicità” by Antonia Conti and Giacomo Pisani
Eichette e vino” by Valeria Cattaneo, Maria Giovanna Morelli and Alessio Valente “Giacomo, ti ricordi? “by Maria Giovanna Morelli and Federico Tonioni
Pane, rane e Livorno “by Daniela Cavallini
Bailamme “by Valeria Fontana
Ti amo sempre di più “by Rosalia Gallardo Gonzales .

During the first evening the programme for the new Divari Doc Workshop will be presented and those interested are invited to apply (tel. 0586-820572, e-mail:

There will be five further evenings throughout April and May giving a panorama of recent documentaries produced in Italy:
18 April, 9.30pm
La Repubblica delle Trombe by Stefano Missino and Alessandro Gori -2006, 48’
Stefano Missino will also present his website
Guca, a village of five thousand inhabitants in central Serbia, about 150km from Belgrade, enjoys an extraordinary popularity in the Balkans. Here, during a weekend in August the Sabor Trubaca – a competition for orchestras and brass instruments – has been taking place for 45 years.
Special prize for talent at the Saratov Sufferings - The International Documentary Drama Film Festival (Russia - 2007)

2 May, 9.30pm
Il Mio Paese by Daniele Vicari - 2006, 116’
Presented by Francesco Andreotti
Between 1956 and 1960 one of the greatest documentary makers in the history of cinema, Joris Ivens, made a film called L’Italia è un Paese Povero, commissioned by Enrico Mattei, Presidente of ENI. During a long journey from North to South, Ivens tells the story of industrialisation in a country on the eve of an economic boom. Between 2005 and 2006 Daniele Vicari travelled through Italy in the opposite direction in order to relate a present-day Italy marked by internal economic crisis and the consequent loss of international competitivity.
The film won the David di Donatello for best documentary (2006 - 2007)

10 May, 9.30pm
Sorriso Amaro by Matteo Bellizzi - 2003, 54’
Presented by Matteo Bellizzi
After the war many girls were employed each year in the rice fields around Vercelli. The neo-realist film Riso Amaro made their stories known to the world thanks to the character played by Silvana Mangano. Fifty years later a young film maker from Vercelli takes the girls back to the rice fields, on a journey into the past, paying an emotional homage to the protagonists of a world that no longer exists.
Presented in the  “Nuovi territori” category of the 60th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia.

23 May, 9.30pm
Fine Pena Mai by Enrica Colusso - 1995, 93’
Presented by Livia Giunti
Giovanni, Vincenzo, Saverio, Tommaso. We only know their first names and a few vague pieces of information about the reasons they are there, in Porto Azzurro at the end of 1993, serving a sentence that never ends. Enrica Colusso spent three weeks during Christmas 1993 filming the four prisoners condemned to life imprisonment.
Winner of the Prize for direction at the Sulmona Cinema Giovani and for Best Film at San Benedetto del Tronto and at Maremma Doc.

31 May, 9.30pm
Immacolata e Concetta
by Salvatore Piscicelli - 1980, 90’
Presented by Salvatore Piscicelli
Imprisoned for the corruption of minors, Immacolata meets Concetta in prison and becomes her lover. Back in Pomigliano d’Arco their relationship continues, challenging male hostility, family proprieties and social taboos.
Leopardo d’Argento at the Locarno International Film Festival.