Decormea - inspired decorating and restoration work

Decormea - Elena at work on a ceiling decoration Decormea - Elena at work on a ceiling decoration Decormea is the result of the combined artistic talents of Elena Perelli and Annalisa Ravenna. From two different but complementary backgrounds, Elena and Annalisa have combined their creative skills to offer a wide range of decorating and restoration services for the home. They are based in Livorno, but are available to work all over Tuscany.

Elena's background is in the world of restoration, having specialised in the painstaking art of bringing frescos, wood and stone back to their former glory. Annalisa instead is an interior designer who has built up a wide experience in bringing out the best in many Italian homes, helping people to find the right harmony between all the different components of their living spaces.

Decormea - Annalisa at work on an old window Decormea - Annalisa at work on an old window Renovation and decoration, techniques like decapé and spongeing, transforming furniture and wall surfaces, uncovering and repairing old wall decorations and stucco work and creating new ones - these are just some of the services Decormea can offer. The team is also keen to update and widen their skills, following courses in the latest decorating trends and techniques.

Decormea offers personalised solutions for all home decor and restoration projects:

  • revamping an old piece of furniture that you are tired of or don't know what to do with
  • help and advice with choosing a colour scheme
  • transforming a single room to adapt it to a new use or perhaps a new arrival,
  • transforming the whole house or apartment to give it a special, unique, personal atmosphere
  • understanding how to renovate a property while respecting and enhancing its original features

Decormea - restored doorways to vibrant effect! Decormea - restored doorways to vibrant effect! An important part of Elena and Annalisa's work is liaising closely with their customers in order to properly understand their personalities, tastes and requirements.

When she is not designing interiors, Annalisa runs the La Dogana d'Acqua bed-and-breakfast in Livorno's historical Pontino quarter, an apartment decorated by Decormea and therefore a showcase for some of their work.

In addition to her restoration work, Elena is a member of the Livorno delle Nazioni cultural association where she is currently involved on a project to restore some of the decorated marble tombs in Livorno's old English Cemetery.

You can contact Decormea at or by telephone: Elena (who speaks good English) +(39) 347 3249057, Annalisa +(39) 348 8503625

To see more images of Decormea's work, browse their website and their Facebook page