The Dutch-German church of Livorno is 150 years old!

Dutch-German Church of Livorno 150th anniversary Dutch-German Church of Livorno 150th anniversary 7th August 2014 marks the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of Livorno's Dutch Church. Although the church has been off limits for several years, it is due to get a facelift later this year after funds were dedicated by Livorno city council, and by the FAI following the collection of 24,000 signatures during the Places I Love campaign in 2012.

To mark the event the Guide Labroniche association, in collaboration with Livorno delle Nazioni,  will be hosting a nighttime guided tour of the Dutch cemetery in Via Mastacchi. By the light of torches and candles, visitors will be able to discover the history of this little visited corner of Livorno through the tombs of the many illustrious figures - such as Kotzian, Mayer and Stub - who made Livorno their home and contributed to the development of the city. The cemetery also contains the monumental gravestones moved from the older "Giardino degli Olandesi" (Dutch garden) which was much admired by travellers in the 1700s.

For further details of the tour and how to book a place, please see this link.

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