Effetto Venezia

Effetto Venezia 2008, Ponte di Marmo, Via Borra Effetto Venezia 2008, Ponte di Marmo, Via Borra It is hard to sum up what Effetto Venezia is all about.  Over the years it has developed into a diversified combination of music, art, theatre, poetry, cabaret and crafts, with something to appeal to all ages and all tastes.

People come to Livorno from all over the region during the festival, to a highly atmospheric setting – the historic Venezia  district with its web of canals that glisten in the streetlight after dark. From 9pm each evening the area buzzes with life as visitors stroll around, taking in the spectacle, browsing around craft stalls, stopping to watch an itinerant show, or enjoying the cooler evening air from one of the many restaurant tables.

The many venues for the wide array of events that take place throughout the festival include Livorno’s two remarkable forts – the Fortezza Vecchia and the Fortezza Nuova, which mark the boundary of the Venezia district at either side. Other venues now spread beyond the Venezia district itself to the heart of the city centre where the entertainment continues.

Effetto Venezia is held every year at the end of July/beginning of August.

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