Egon Egon Egon was formed in 2002 by Marco Capozzi and Marco Liuni who started off as a guitar duo. They were later joined by bass player Francesco D'Angelo and drummer Alberto Battocchi. These days Battocchi is the band's sound engineer and the drums are played by Federico Melosi.

The band has won several important Italian music awards including the Ritmi Globali Europei competition in Treviso in 2004.

: rock/experimental

Line Up:
Marco Capozzi (guitar)
Francesco D'Angelo (bass)
Marco Liuni (guitar)
Federico Melosi (drums)
Alberto Battocchi (sound engineer)

CD Egon - first demo recorded at the Spazi Sonori studio, Livorno (2003)
Se Mario Ci Cambia la Vita - second demo (2004)
Per Me Sofia - debut album (2006)

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