Villa Fabbricotti park and library Villa Fabbricotti park and library Just to the south of the centre of Livorno, the Fabbricotti district was once an area of gardens and quiet villas hidden behind high walls and woodland. It was transformed after 1946 into a modern residential district which grew up on land ceded by the Fabbricotti family to the local council.

It is now considered to be one of Livorno’s most desirable areas, especially since it includes the huge green area of the Villa Fabbricotti park. Another villa within the Fabbricotti district is Villa Henderson, now housing Livorno’s Natural History Museum which contains collections of minerals, fossils, and various other finds from the local area. The museum looks at astronomy, earth sciences, botany, zoology, and prehistory and now also has an important botanic garden.

Fabbricotti Rowing Team

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