Federico Bocci

Federico Bocci, 24 Carati Federico Bocci, 24 Carati Federico Bocci was born in 1974 in Livorno where he currently lives.
In the 1980s he was a regular visitor of the world's antiques markets following his family looking for art&design pieces, in the 90s - while studying - he started his career as art trader.
This unique school of life proved to be the best way to get to know people and market dynamics. At the dawn of the new millennium the family business started to focus on contemporary interior decor, so he visited the most important trade fairs to select arts&crafts to be presented along with their antiques, anticipating  the concept store trend.
Federico now works as an independent interior designer who likes to conceive and realize experimental contemporary items inspired by Dutch design.

His studio, 24 Carati, is in Via Borra, in  Livorno's historic Venezia district.
Visit his website for further information.