Apartment building in the Fiorentina district of LivornoApartment building in the Fiorentina district of Livorno Four districts grew up around the ancient district of Fiorentina which takes its name from the gateway of the same name, built in 1837 by Grand Duke Leopold II. The road that leads from this gateway – the Via Provinciale Pisana – is the fulcrum of a lively area with a wealth of shops and businesses. When first laid out in the 1930s it was the only direct link with Pisa.

On 13th June every year the Fiera di Sant’Antonio takes place here, a traditional street market and fete.

Within the district of Fiorentina there are several places of historical interest including the Jewish cemetery, the church of San Matteo (1738), the Colognole aqueduct, the Cisternino at Pian di Rota, and the Bagnetti in the Puzzolente area.